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Advance Practice IQ - Business Intelligence

Unique to APS, Advance Practice IQ provides browser based performance reports using the latest OLAP technology. Catering for complex multi-dimensional reporting, Advance Practice IQ helps you to generate up to the minute reports on any practice defined key performance indicator. Integrated directly to the Advance suite of products, snapshots on performance can be extracted with ease, as can longer term trend analyses – as well as almost anything in between. If it exists in your practice database and you want to extract a report on it, Practice IQ will do the job with ease.

Reports are generated into dynamic web pages which can be viewed within a web browser, Excel, Microsoft Outlook or on an Intranet. Full 'drill down' capabilities exist within all these report options.

Key Features:

 Flexible OLAP database
 Integrated to the Advance suite
 Access data from other systems
 Build unique practice specific
 Reports & Calculations

 WIP Management
 Debtor Management
 View in Days / Weeks / Months
 Trend Analysis
 Ranked analysis

 Staff budgeting
 Productivity & efficiency measures
 Resource planning
 Trend analysis

 Personal Portal
 Tailored individual pages

 Fee performance
 Profit loss analysis
 Comparative analysis

 My To Do List
 Job Management
 Budgets Target Dates


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